Since its inception in 1986, ORCO Precision Machine has been devoted to providing industry-leading machining processes for a variety of aerospace components. Our staff has experience in inventory management systems, assembly procedures, rapid response protocols, hard metal manufacturing, and critical component production. With these competencies, customers can be assured that we approach every project with the experience necessary to provide expedient and affordable machining services for a wide variety of aerospace needs.

  • Inventory Optimization achieved through Min/Max planning and other inventory management systems
  • Certification in Assembly Activities including sealants and bushing and bearing installation
  • Critical Process Approval
  • Rapid Response Protocols include Quick-Turn and AOG experience
  • Hard Metal Manufacturing experience, including High-Carbon Steel, Inconel, and Titanium
  • Critical Component Production proficiency, including landing gear, engine components, and aircraft surface details (wings, rudders, elevators)